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Posted by Stows Sales on 03/25/2016

Based out of Austin, Texas, Onepointe Solutions, or OPS, is a pioneer in the high-tech benching & lab furniture industry!  OPS manufactures 100% of their products right here in the United States, which is why we're so proud to partner with a true homegrown manufacturer!

Onepointe provides the best quality metal casework in the industry, for laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotech environments, schools, hospitals, universities, and offices. Work surface choices include Plastic Laminate, Phenolic Resin, and Epoxy Resin for your specific applications. OnePointe’s laboratory casework is designed to respond to rapidly changing space needs. They also have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of laboratory situations, from tech labs to fume hood intensive laboratory environments.

OPS takes great pride in their lab designs. OPS design experts work side by side with you to help create the perfect lab environment to fit your exact needs. They have designed labs and lab workstations for some of the biggest businesses and organizations in the world: Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble, U.S. Army, University of Texas, Boeing, Dell, Olympus, Duke University, Frito Lay, NYU, and many more.



Come down today and meet with our sales team to discuss how we can help you create the lab you've been dreaming of!


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