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Izzy+ Better Together

Posted by MS on 06/17/2016


Izzy+, based in Spring Lake, Michigan, is a unique manufacturer that provides furniture for every type of office and educational facilities. Their first priority is people, not furniture. They value adaptability, collaboration, and intuitiveness and take a very human approach to furniture design with a focus on comfort and well-being. Izzy+ puts so much personality into their designs. They’ve even created Izzy+ Flavors an entire “menu of flavors” consistent across their brands to provide a unique and personalized product for every customer.

The Izzy+ family includes Fixtures Furniture, HÅG, Harter, izzy and ABCO. Fixtures focuses on providing learning environments with flexible, adaptable, and durable furniture. HÅG is all about intuitive seating with emphasis on movement. Harter wants to solve workplace problems through intelligent design. izzy helps people working in the modern world – people who are on the move and who’s technology moves with them. ABCO works with smaller businesses and the educational market. All brands place a special emphasis on being environmentally friendly in their own unique ways. Izzy+’s focus on collaboration unites these different brands to easily work together.

“The reason izzy+ exists is because we feel strongly about connecting people so we can all be better together.”

– Company Founder, Chuck Saylor



student collaboration

open office

cafe collaboration

private office

For more information on izzy+ and its brands, visit the website here.


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