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American Seating

Posted by MS on 05/19/2016

American Seating of Grand Rapids, Michigan is a leader in seating for education, office, transportation, and entertainment. You can find their products in famous venues like Radio City Music Hall, Dodger Stadium, and Fenway Park, in public transportation in every major metropolitan area in North America, and in universities across the country.

American Seating is committed to environmental stewardship, taking a proactive approach to minimalizing their environmental impact. If sustainability is a major concern for you, they provide data on each product to measure its recycled content and recyclability, as well as the contribution it makes towards LEED point acquisition. We are proud to work with a company so committed to sustainability!

Whether you need to add some ergonomic office seating, maximize a training room, or fill an auditorium, large or small, American Seating has a solution for you. Come down to historic Automobile Alley to meet the Stow’s sales team and discuss a solution for your seating needs! 


To view more of American Seating's projects and installations, please visit their website here.


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