Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a wide range of first-class office furniture solutions so that they may improve their workplace productivity & workspace efficiency.

Our Vision

To lead our market by responding quickly to our client’s needs and delivering an exceptional solution that helps improve our client's day-to-day efficiencies.

Environmental Commitment

Stow’s Office Furniture is Oklahoma state’s leading provider of high-quality “recycled” office furniture. By taking this gently-used furniture and touching it up, we are cutting down on thousands of pounds of wood & metal that would otherwise be piling up in our land-fills!

We ensure that all of our shipping materials, such as cardboard & foam from our new office furniture, is recycled and discarded in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner! Here at Stow’s, caring about our environment isn’t just some statement, but a way of life that we practice and put into play every day that we open our doors!