An office without furniture is as useless as a pool without water. Stow’s office furniture has everything you need to take your office from an empty room to an exemplary workspace that radiates success. Stow’s is filled to the brim with a wide selection of desks, chairs, conference room furniture, accent pieces, filing cabinets, and modular work areas. Stow’s sells both new and pre-owned merchandise to fit any budget. With almost 30 years in the business, Stow’s is excellent at anticipating customer needs and working with customers to create an office environment perfect for both clients and staff members.

Started in 1989 by Jerry Stow, Stow's Office Furniture is a true, local-grown, success story. Jerry started out by buying some furniture from a business. He wanted to try making some extra money on the side by refurbishing these pieces from his garage and then selling them to help support his young family. After quickly selling out his inventory, Jerry realized that there was a high demand for lightly used office furniture at the right price. He rented some storage units, and before he knew it, he had them all filled with office furniture and was selling his product at a fast pace. Today, Stow’s maintains partnerships with over 30 manufacturers to provide its customers with the best selection of new office furniture as well as a quality pre-owned selection. Jerry and his wife Diana are still working hard to make Stow’s the best place in Oklahoma City to buy office furniture.

In 1995, Stow's moved into its current location in downtown Oklahoma City's Automobile Alley District, which has three stories and more than 60,000 square feet of space. Stow’s is thrilled to be a part of the development of downtown Oklahoma City and the revitalization of the historic Automobile Alley. The company also expanded to the Tulsa market in 2001, and can be found at the corner of Pine and Sheridan. Stow’s is dedicated to the community that has allowed it to thrive and is proud to be a contributor to the local economy.